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Feb 02

Electrocatalysis: from basic concepts to better materials and devices  more

Mar 16

Starter Pack 50 - Part 2 'Doing Science' (Online)  more

Mar 23

Starter Pack 50 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' (Online)  more

Mar 25

Getting Published (1/2021)  more

Apr 22

Starter Pack 51 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' (Online)  more

May 05

Orientation week 1/2021 (May)  more

May 27

Getting Published (2/2021)  more

May 31

Starter Pack 51 - Part 2 'Doing Science'  more

Jun 28

Starter Pack 52 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Jul 22

Getting Published (3/2021)  more

Sep 06

Starter Pack 52 - Part 2 'Doing Science' (Online)  more

Sep 30

Starter Pack 53 - Part 2 'Doing Science'  more

Oct 05

Starter Pack 53 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Oct 07

Getting Published (4/2021)  more

Oct 28

Starter Pack 54 - Part 2 'Doing Science' (Online)  more

Nov 22

Starter Pack 54 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' (Online)  more

Nov 30

Energy Industry in Germany 2021  more

Dec 02

Starter Pack 55 - Part 2 'Doing Science'  more

Dec 02

Getting Published (5/2021) - Online  more

Dec 14

Starter Pack 55 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Dec 16

Getting Published (6/2021) - Online  more



Basic Training Programme

The basic HITEC training programme encompasses a total of 21 course days, 14 days for expanding your scientific knowledge beyond the scope of the lab and 7 days to  improve your professional skills. While for the scientific courses you can choose from a menue of energy and climate topics or methods, for the professional skills training you stay with the same group of people in the first year. This format supports building confidence among the group members and lays the fundament for the HITEC peer network and interdisciplinary exchange.

Scientific Training

Orientation week

  • Docs get to know all sections of Jülichs Institute of Energy and Climate Research
  • Docs present their institutes to other docs
  • Introduction into the opportunities of Jülich central library (ZB)
  • Information about the requirements of the doctoral committee (Doktorandenausschuss)
  • Good scientific practise
    ≡ 1 week during the first 6 months for the HITEC certificate

The orientation week takes place in March and October of each year.

You will receive the date for 'your' orientation week in your welcome mail and will be directly registered for the event. You will receive an email with the programme about 14 days before the actual date. 


  • One day symposia for docs from different research fields
  • Theme and Methods Days will take place in Jülich or at universities
    4 HITEC Days in 3 years for the HITEC certificate


  • Hands on lab courses for docs from different research fields
    ≡ 1 HITEC Lab in 3 years for the HITEC certificate

HITEC Days and HITEC Labs are continuously being planned and organized and will be announced via the mailing list. Please book the events online here.


  • Symposium organized by docs for docs
  • Discussions, team building and socializing
  • Some nice place outside Jülich
    2-3 days in year 2 for the HITEC certificate

The retreat takes place two times a year. Each retreat will be organized by a retreat orga-team which will contact you for participation. If you are interested to be part of the next orga-team, write us.

Professional Skills Training

The teaching of professional skills is a key component of our graduate school. The students will directly benefit from the experience during their thesis work. Furthermore they will be able to use these skills in the workplace from the start, where the command of professional skills is regarded as a prerequiste. The school’s training programme is specifically developed for HITEC students by one of the best providers in the field Impulsplus.

Starter Pack
The modules of the starter-set will be offered for the same group of 12 students and will be scheduled during the first year of the PhD. You get to know your peers, learn about your  projects and may stay in touch beyond the timeline of the transferable skills courses.

You will receive the dates for the starter pack in your welcome mail and will be directly registered for the set of courses. You will receive an email about the details of the course about 14 days before the actual date.

  • Scientific Presentation: ≡ 2 day training course in Jülich
  • Project-/Time- and Self Management: ≡ 1 day training course in Jülich
  • Communication in interdisciplinary and international teams: ≡ 2 days in a conference hotel
     ≡ 5 days (2+1+2) during the first 6 months for the HITEC certificate

Scientific Writing

  • Getting Research Published
    2 day training course in Jülich and one virtual day

The scientific writing courses can be booked individually online, check here.


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