HITEC Symposium and Communicator Awards

In the yearly HITEC Symposium selected senior doctoral researchers present their data to the interdisciplinary HITEC audience: to a scientifically trained audience that is, however, not specialized in the field, including scientists from the broad spectrum of HITEC energy and climate topics . Here doctoral researchers can demonstrate their skills to present the complex and sophisticated scientific perspectives of their work in a comprehensible manner. The three best presentations will be selected and will receive the HITEC communicator award.  The prize money is 1500 € for the first prize, 1000 € for the second prize and 500 € for the third prize. All doctoral fellows, scientists, scientific advisors, supervisors from the IEK in Jülich and the partner universities are invited to listen to the talks.

The HITEC Symposium & Summer Party 2024 will take place on June 13, 2024! Please register at go.fzj.de/HITEC2024

HITEC Symposium & Summer Party 2024

Date: 13 June 2024
Location: Forschungszentrum Jülich, Building 04.7 (ZB) or streaming at fz-live.de/HITEC/ & KUBA Jülich
Time: Symposium: 12:00 - 18:00 / Summer Party: 18:30

Please find the programme in the download section and and register here. Registration is open until 4 June 2024!

Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2023:

Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2022:

  • Moritz L. Weber, IEK-1: first prize
    Turning instability into good - metal exsolution in smart catalyst materials
  • Markus Geldenhuys, IEK-7: second prize
    The southern Andes: A natural laboratory to study atmospheric gravity waves
  • Sven Jovanovic, IEK-9: third prize
    (S)He loves me, (s)he loves me not: Ionic On- and -Off Relationships in CO2 Electrolysis

Programme 2022

Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2021:

  • Johanna Siekmann, IEK-5: first prize
    It's a trap! Defect density in thick and thin perovskite layers
  • Rebekka Tesch, IEK-13: second prize
    Revealing the Unseen: Atomic-Scale Simulations of Energy Materials
  • Yun Li, IEK-4: third prize
    airborne measurements of trace gases in the Asian Monsoon Anticyclone

Programme 2021

Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2020:

  • Basita Das, IEK-5: first prize
    Slow and steady wins the race for solar cells
  • Simon Rosanka, IEK-8: second prize
    Tropical peatland on fire - a case of global air pollution
  • Alina Eksaeva, IEK-4: third prize
    Small details make the difference - importance of surface morphology for fusion reactors

Programme 2020

Communicator Award Winners 2019

  • Henning Weinrich, IEK-9: first prize
    Tackling the Terrawatt Challenge - Iron as a Battery Material
  • Annika Vogel, IEK-8: second prize
    From eigenmodes to biogenic emissions - how to account for uncertainties in atmospheric models?
  • Timur Galiullin, IEK-2: third prize
    Complex rust - corrosion mechanisms and protection of materials at high-temperatures

Programme 2019

Communicator Award Winners 2018

  • Manuel Pomaska, IEK-5: first prize
    Transparent passivated contact for silicon heterojunction solar cells
  • Jan Wohland, IEK-STE: second prize
    Climate and renewable energy: A love story?
  • Isabell Krisch, IEK-7: third prize
    Surfing from Iceland to Estonia - gravity waves travel far through the atmosphere

Programme 2018

Communicator Award Winners 2017

  • Anja Costa, IEK-7: second prize
    Tracing cloud glaciation via airborne measurements
  • Marie Guin, IEK-1 / SAINT-GOBAIN: third prize
    Sodium mobility in ceramics for solid state batteries

Programme 2017

Communicator Award Winners 2016

  • Félix Urbain,IEK-5: first prize
    Hydrogen from sunlight: solar fuel production using thin film silicon solar cells
  • Simone Köcher, IEK-9 and TUM: second prize
    What does Li+ do in batteries? - combining theory and NMR spectroscopy for a fresh view on ion mobility
  • Thomas Meisehen, Wuppertal University: third prize
    Measuring hydrogen isotope ratios of atmospheric volatile organic compounds: A new insight into atmospheric processes

Programme 2016

Communicator Award Winners 2015

  • Patrick Niehoff, IEK-1: first prize
    Ceramic membranes for energy efficient oxygen separation
  • Cheng Wu, IEK-8: second prize
    The role of vegetation for tropospheric ozone balance: possible changes under future climate conditions
  • Bugra Turan, IEK-5: third prize
    Thin-film photovoltaics: from cells to modules by laser processing

Programme 2015

Communicator Award Winners 2014

  • Sarah Finkeldei, IEK-6: first prize
    Pyrochlore as Nuclear Waste Form: Actinide Uptake and Chemical Stability
  • Marco Prill, IEK-2: second prize
    Thermodynamic Material Data as a Tool for the Development of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Maurice Nuys, IEK-5: third prize
    New Nanoparticle Absorbers for Thin-Film Solar Cells

Programme 2014

Communicator Award Winners 2013

  • Ulrich W. Paetzold, IEK-5: first prize
    Light-harvesting with plasmonic nanostructures in thin-film silicon solar cells
  • Sebastian Gomm, IEK-8: second prize
    Investigation of the atmospheric oxidation strength in the lower troposphere: Measurements of hydrogen oxides aboard a Zeppelin NT
  • Niels Gierse, IEK-4: second prize
    Probing the first wall in fusion reactors: Laser Induced Ablation Spectroscopy (LIAS) in TEXTOR

Programme 2013