HITEC Symposium and Communicator Awards

In the yearly HITEC Symposium selected senior doctoral researchers present their data to the interdisciplinary HITEC audience: to a scientifically trained audience that is, however, not specialized in the field, including scientists from the broad spectrum of HITEC energy and climate topics . Here doctoral researchers can demonstrate their skills to present the complex and sophisticated scientific perspectives of their work in a comprehensible manner. The three best presentations will be selected and will receive the HITEC communicator award.  The prize money is 1500 € for the first prize, 1000 € for the second prize and 500 € for the third prize. All doctoral fellows, scientists, scientific advisors, supervisors from the IEK in Jülich and the partner universities are invited to listen to the talks.

Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2024!

  • Thérèse Cibaka, IEK-5: first prize
    Photovoltaic-driven CO2 reduction: A reliable alliance for long-term energy storage
  • Fabian Tipp, IEK-13: second prize
    Ionomers by Design - Computational Exploration of the Materials Space for Affordable Electrolysers and Fuel Cells
  • Alexander Lau, IEK-4: third prize
    Bright Ideas for Tomorrow: Rediscovering the Classic Light Bulb's Potential for the Future Energy Landscape


Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2023:

  • Christine Heume, IEK-9: first prize
    The X-Ray Vision: Exploring the Inner World of Membrane Electrode Assemblies via Computed Tomography
  • Eziama Ubachukwu, IEK-10: second prize
    Bridging the Gap: Towards Energy-Efficient Occupant Behavior in Public Buildings
  • Sebastian Rhode, IEK-7: third prize
    How to move mountain (waves) - modeling horizontal propagation of orographic gravity waves to improve climate models


Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2022:

  • Moritz L. Weber, IEK-1: first prize
    Turning instability into good - metal exsolution in smart catalyst materials
  • Markus Geldenhuys, IEK-7: second prize
    The southern Andes: A natural laboratory to study atmospheric gravity waves
  • Sven Jovanovic, IEK-9: third prize
    (S)He loves me, (s)he loves me not: Ionic On- and -Off Relationships in CO2 Electrolysis

Programme 2022

Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2021:

  • Johanna Siekmann, IEK-5: first prize
    It's a trap! Defect density in thick and thin perovskite layers
  • Rebekka Tesch, IEK-13: second prize
    Revealing the Unseen: Atomic-Scale Simulations of Energy Materials
  • Yun Li, IEK-4: third prize
    airborne measurements of trace gases in the Asian Monsoon Anticyclone

Programme 2021

Congratulation to the HITEC Communicator Award Winners 2020:

  • Basita Das, IEK-5: first prize
    Slow and steady wins the race for solar cells
  • Simon Rosanka, IEK-8: second prize
    Tropical peatland on fire - a case of global air pollution
  • Alina Eksaeva, IEK-4: third prize
    Small details make the difference - importance of surface morphology for fusion reactors

Programme 2020

Communicator Award Winners 2019

  • Henning Weinrich, IEK-9: first prize
    Tackling the Terrawatt Challenge - Iron as a Battery Material
  • Annika Vogel, IEK-8: second prize
    From eigenmodes to biogenic emissions - how to account for uncertainties in atmospheric models?
  • Timur Galiullin, IEK-2: third prize
    Complex rust - corrosion mechanisms and protection of materials at high-temperatures

Programme 2019

Communicator Award Winners 2018

  • Manuel Pomaska, IEK-5: first prize
    Transparent passivated contact for silicon heterojunction solar cells
  • Jan Wohland, IEK-STE: second prize
    Climate and renewable energy: A love story?
  • Isabell Krisch, IEK-7: third prize
    Surfing from Iceland to Estonia - gravity waves travel far through the atmosphere

Programme 2018

Communicator Award Winners 2017

  • Anja Costa, IEK-7: second prize
    Tracing cloud glaciation via airborne measurements
  • Marie Guin, IEK-1 / SAINT-GOBAIN: third prize
    Sodium mobility in ceramics for solid state batteries

Programme 2017

Communicator Award Winners 2016

  • Félix Urbain,IEK-5: first prize
    Hydrogen from sunlight: solar fuel production using thin film silicon solar cells
  • Simone Köcher, IEK-9 and TUM: second prize
    What does Li+ do in batteries? - combining theory and NMR spectroscopy for a fresh view on ion mobility
  • Thomas Meisehen, Wuppertal University: third prize
    Measuring hydrogen isotope ratios of atmospheric volatile organic compounds: A new insight into atmospheric processes

Programme 2016

Communicator Award Winners 2015

  • Patrick Niehoff, IEK-1: first prize
    Ceramic membranes for energy efficient oxygen separation
  • Cheng Wu, IEK-8: second prize
    The role of vegetation for tropospheric ozone balance: possible changes under future climate conditions
  • Bugra Turan, IEK-5: third prize
    Thin-film photovoltaics: from cells to modules by laser processing

Programme 2015

Communicator Award Winners 2014

  • Sarah Finkeldei, IEK-6: first prize
    Pyrochlore as Nuclear Waste Form: Actinide Uptake and Chemical Stability
  • Marco Prill, IEK-2: second prize
    Thermodynamic Material Data as a Tool for the Development of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Maurice Nuys, IEK-5: third prize
    New Nanoparticle Absorbers for Thin-Film Solar Cells

Programme 2014

Communicator Award Winners 2013

  • Ulrich W. Paetzold, IEK-5: first prize
    Light-harvesting with plasmonic nanostructures in thin-film silicon solar cells
  • Sebastian Gomm, IEK-8: second prize
    Investigation of the atmospheric oxidation strength in the lower troposphere: Measurements of hydrogen oxides aboard a Zeppelin NT
  • Niels Gierse, IEK-4: second prize
    Probing the first wall in fusion reactors: Laser Induced Ablation Spectroscopy (LIAS) in TEXTOR

Programme 2013