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Jun 13

Starter Pack 65 - Part 2 'Management of a Doctoral Project' - Online  more

Jun 14

Retreat 2/2023  more

Jun 20

Starter Pack 65 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' - Online  more

Jun 29

Storytelling Techniques for Scientific Presentations - 2023  more

Jul 06

Getting Published (6/2023) - Online  more

Aug 10

Starter Pack 66 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' - Online  more

Aug 21

Starter Pack 66 - Part 2 'Management of a Doctoral Project' - Online  more

Sep 04

Starter Pack 67 - Part 2 'Management of a Doctoral Project' - Online  more

Sep 14

Getting Published (7/2023) - Online  more

Sep 26

Starter Pack 67 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' - Online  more

Sep 28

Career Course 2/2023  more

Oct 05

Getting Published (8/2023)  more

Oct 12

Starter Pack 68 - Part 2 'Management of a Doctoral Project'  more

Oct 17

Starter Pack 68 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Nov 06

Orientation Week 2/2023  more

Nov 09

Good Scientific Practice 3/2023  more

Nov 14

Starter Pack 69 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' - Online  more

Nov 20

Starter Pack 69 - Part 2 'Management of a Doctoral Project' - Online  more

Dec 07

Starter Pack 70 - Part 2 'Management of a Doctoral Project'  more

Dec 12

Starter Pack 70 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Dec 13

Getting Published (9/2023) - Online  more

HiTec Events

Orientation Week

The orientation week will provide an overview of the scientific and technological work at the IEK-institute, the scientific methods and the infrastructure available. General informations include the scope of the central library and the requirements of the Doctoral Committee. Most important PhD students will get to know their peers and start building their network.



In the HITEC Labs small groups of students from various institutes concentrate on details of specific methods which might be applied in various fields. The HITEC Labs lasting 2 to 3 days are either hands-on periods of practical training or include comprehensive explanations and demonstrations of a specific scientific infrastructure.

HITEC Retreat

Retreats are 2-3 day workshops which are organized by doctoral candidates for doctoral candidates. The main focus of the PhD workshop, which will be held at an external venue, is scientific and personal networking between the PhD students. Emphasis will be given to a mutual exchange on basic issues and methodological approaches. This framework will encourage both specialist and interdisciplinary networking of the PhD students.

Scientific Writing

..for PhD students in their second year.

To write a good scientific article is hard work - even for experienced scientists. If you know the key criteria which are applied in the formal assessment of English-language scientific publications and align your writing process accordingly you will enhance the chances of publication considerably. In the seminar the necessary knowledge and skills are taught and practiced.

Starter Pack

The teaching of professional skills is a key component of our graduate school. The modules of the starter pack are specifically developed for HITEC students and encompass ‘Scientific Presentation’ and ‘Doing Science’.

HITEC Excursions

The HITEC Excursion Team, a group of HITEC docs, organizes an excursion series, in order to learn more about the state-of-the-art of energy generation in Europe. Trips to nearby energy suppliers will be offered.

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