You would like to become a part of the team? Welcome to HITEC

We are always looking for highly qualified and motivated candidates with a master’s degree predominantly in science and engineering. Our PhD students come from many different countries, a wide variety of cultures create a colourful international environment for doing research. You will work in interdisciplinary teams of engineers, physicists, chemists, mathematicians and researchers from related fields. You will meet your doctoral peers in numerous HITEC events and training courses and by the end of the three year period you will have formed a network of useful contacts.

If you are a new doctoral candidate you have to apply for a doctoral position at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research at Forschungszentrum Jülich or at one institute of our partner universities. Read more... 

If you are accepted as a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Energy and Climate in Jülich you will be enrolled in the HITEC Graduate School and take part in the 3-year HITEC programme, regardless of how you are funded. If you work at one of the HITEC partner universities and want to profit from the HITEC programme, please talk to your supervisor and register with HITEC.

  • For registering as a new HITEC doctoral candidate go to HITEC-Intern (above)

Academic requirements

Candidates are expected to hold a Master's degree, a German “Diplom” or an equivalent degree at the start of their PhD project. The specifics of the degree and the required experience are specified for each project. Degrees from countries outside the European Community are subject to a recognition procedure depending on the University chosen. The faculty may ask for additional qualifications to be completed in the early phase of the thesis work.


The language of HITEC is English. A very good command of the language is requested.

Doctoral Degree

You will be awarded your PhD degree e.g. from one of the universities RWTH Aachen University, University of Bochum, University of Cologne, University of Düsseldorf, and University of Wuppertal. Your supervisor will guide you in this matter. As a rule you will finish your thesis work within three years.

HITEC Certificate

Doctoral candidates who have successfully completed the HITEC programme will receive the HITEC Certificate which complements the doctoral award.