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Feb 02

Electrocatalysis: from basic concepts to better materials and devices  more

Mar 16

Starter Pack 50 - Part 2 'Doing Science' (Online)  more

Mar 23

Starter Pack 50 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' (Online)  more

Mar 25

Getting Published (1/2021)  more

Apr 22

Starter Pack 51 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' (Online)  more

May 05

Orientation week 1/2021 (May)  more

May 27

Getting Published (2/2021)  more

May 31

Starter Pack 51 - Part 2 'Doing Science'  more

Jun 28

Starter Pack 52 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Jul 22

Getting Published (3/2021)  more

Sep 06

Starter Pack 52 - Part 2 'Doing Science' (Online)  more

Sep 30

Starter Pack 53 - Part 2 'Doing Science'  more

Oct 05

Starter Pack 53 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Oct 07

Getting Published (4/2021)  more

Oct 28

Starter Pack 54 - Part 2 'Doing Science' (Online)  more

Nov 22

Starter Pack 54 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation' (Online)  more

Nov 30

Energy Industry in Germany 2021  more

Dec 02

Starter Pack 55 - Part 2 'Doing Science'  more

Dec 02

Getting Published (5/2021) - Online  more

Dec 14

Starter Pack 55 - Part 1 'Scientific Presentation'  more

Dec 16

Getting Published (6/2021) - Online  more

HITEC Curriculum

As a HITEC PhD student you are automatically enrolled in the HITEC programme. You are required to participate in the basic HITEC training programme in order to receive the HITEC certificate as a supplement to you PhD certificate.

Requirements during PhD phase

In the table below HITEC's requirements are marked in green. More information here. According to the requirements of the individual institutes you will visit specific seminars, courses, international conferences etc.. You will  discuss this part of the curriculum, marked in blue, with your supervisor.

  • 1 Orientation Week (5 days)
  • 4 Modules Transferable Skills Training: Presentation, Project Management, Communication in Interdisciplinary and International Teams, Scientific Writing (7 days)
  • 1 Retreat (2-3 days)
  • 4 HITEC Days (one day each; total of 4 days)
  • 1 HITEC Lab (2-3 days)
  • Choose an internal Mentor
  • Choose an external Mentor

Time Schedule

Year 1Year 2Year 3
Thesis Work Thesis Work  Thesis Work
Orientation Week Retreat  
Starter Pack Transferable Skills: Presenting  Transferable Skills: Scientific Writing
Starter Pack Transferable Skills: Project Management 1 HITEC Lab
4 HITEC Days
Starter Pack Transferable Skills: Communication 1-2 Visits with External Mentor
Courses/Lectures according to the institute's requirements Courses/Lectures according to the institute's requirements Courses/Lectures according to the institute's requirements
Seminar Talk, according to the institute's requirement Seminar Talk, according to the institute's requirement Seminar Talk, according to the institute's requirement
  International Conferences/Summer-/Winterschools, according to the institute's requirement

Of course you are free to visit more courses on an optional basis; all courses will be listed on your HITEC certificate.

For the participation of summer or winter schools HITEC will provide financial support, please contact us. The visit of international conferences will not be funded by HITEC.

HITEC Certificate

Doctoral candidates who have successfully completed the HITEC programme will receive the HITEC Certificate which complements the doctoral award. The Certificate will automatically list the courses of the basic training programme and visits to your external mentor. In addition you can have the visits of international conferences, scientific publications from your PhD work and awards and honours indicated. After the experiation of your working contract Saskia Nieke will contact you in order to prepare the HITEC Certificate. If you have questions beforehand, please do not hesitate to ask.

Contact Us

Saskia Nieke
HITEC Office
tel.: (0)2461 - 61 8811