The HITEC Science Slams

In a science slam, scientists take to the stage to describe their research topics in an entertaining short presentation. The key is to present the topics so clearly and vividly that they can be easily understood by a non-specialist audience. At the end, the audience decides which “slammer” takes home the title. A HITEC Science Slam has taken place four times so far - last time on 21 November 2019.

Next HITEC Science Slam: 17 November 2022


The winner of the HITEC Science Slam 2019 is...

.... Dina Khordakova, HITEC doctoral researcher at IEK-7 for her entertaining, funny and original presentation "I am doing the impossible - a PhD in partying? A scientific analysis"  comparing her research on the chemistry, dynamics and microphysics of the stratosphere by using balloons with parties ! She took home the title at the fourth HITEC Science Slam on 21 November 2019 in the Kulturbahnhof in Jülich. The second place was shared this time: it went to Rahul Rayaprolu who enthusiastically tried to explain to the present of the United States how the first walls of a fusion reactor will work. It also went to the team of Sabine Robrecht (IEK-7) Dieter Boeyaert (IEK-4) and Konrad Mielke (IEK-2) who delighted to audience with their perfectly choreographed and illustrated performance on how to stop global warming - "Hitec for president"!  Last but not least the third prize winner was Lucy Dittrich from IEK-9: her dream of becoming a wizard came true - she is doing magic in her PhD by "Making chemicals out of thin air".

All six young researchers who competed in the fourth HITEC Science Slam did a great job when telling fascinating stories about their research. It was a pleasure for the audience to see them on stage and we hope that there will be a repitition of this event in the future!


The third HITEC Science Slam

Aryak Singh (IEK-5) was the winner of the third HITEC Science Slam in 2017 linking photovoltaics with squatty potties - "The great escape". The second place went to Sabine Robrecht from IEK-7 for her talk "The lonely clark" about sulphure particles that might stop global warming. The third prize winner was Dieter Boeyaert from IEK-4: Yes, we can... find a solution for global energy supply was the motto of his talk.


The second HITEC Science Slam

Ayaz Khan was the winner of the second HITEC Science Slam on 26 November 2015. After a thrilling head-to-head race of two doctoral candidates from the field of atmospheric research the young physicist from troposheric research, IEK-8, won the audience over with ‘My new DATING technique’. Very close on his heels was Corinna Kloss from the stratospheric field with her tale about ‘OCS and its honorable intentions’. Third was Sahir Naqash from the division of Materials Synthesis and Processing, IEK-1, with ‘Brown Batteries’ which - as he told us - are in fact green batteries.

How they got there

In order to prepare the participants well for the slam, we offered

  • an advanced scientific presentation workhop: storytelling techniques. As a HITEC doctoral researcher you need the basic course 'scientific presentation' (starter pack) in order to participate. Two workshops took place (15./16.07.2019)
  • an individual one-to-one coaching: for those participants of the storytelling workshops who seriously thought about being a slammer  (04./05.11.2019)

Step 1: Advanced scientific presentation

Do you want to further improve your presentation skills or do you want to go even one step further and think of becoming a HITEC science slammer? Then register for the course 'Scientific presentation - Storytelling for Scientists'. The one-day-course is offered for a group of 12 participants each on two consecutive days.


Storytelling for Scientists - 1/2023

Type: Scientific Presentation
Title: Storytelling for Scientists - 1/2023
Date: 29.06.2023
Location: FZJ, Building 04.7 (ZB), Room 338
Time: 9:00 - 17:00
Programme: download here
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